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30 day Money Back Guarantee & 2 years warranty
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Why keeping your CPAP Machine sanitized is important

Being diagnosed with sleep apnea can be very stressful & sometimes overwhelming. On top of your day-to-day life you may need spend a considerable amount of time & effort focusing on getting your sleep apnea under control.

Treatments, doctor visits, buying expensive equipment, & subsequently maintaining said equipment are just a few of the lifestyle changes that you will have to undergo. In addition to all of that, your partner may also begin to experience sleeping issues as loud snoring is quite common in those diagnosed with sleep apnea.

In order for you to attain consistent, restful, unobstructed sleep you will most likely need to use your CPAP machine nightly. Making sure your CPAP machine is cleaned regularly is one of the most important, if not the most essential thing you should do when living with sleep apnea.

We’re going to go into detail on how to correctly clean your CPAP machine & why it's so important. You will also learn about where to get high quality CPAP machines, mask cleaners & other CPAP related accessories.

On the day you decide to move forward and start treating positive pressure ventilation or PAP for apnea, you make a wise and important decision that involves health. When buying and adapting the equipment and consumables, you have already invested time and money. Why not make the most of this investment?

Daily cleaning supplies are important to maintain sleep, because this will maintain a good seal between the face and the mask. If not disinfected in time, the trachea and the mask may breed bacteria. Once your bacteria begin to lose your grip on the face, your mask will start to let the airflow of the device leak out. When you have too much air flowing away from the side of the mask, you will lose enough seal to keep the airway open. This may cause you to stop breathing and lose the purpose of using the mask and equipment.

1. Daily cleaning of the mask pad (the part that touches your face) is an important part of maintaining the integrity of the seal for as long as possible. First, use alcohol wipes to clean the mat. Alcohol acts as a grease cutting machine and can remove the grease left on the skin on the mask. Secondly, be sure to wash the mat immediately after waking up to limit the time these oils stay on the mask mat. These two steps can greatly extend the life of the cushion and ensure adequate mask sealing.

2. Use ozone cleaner to disinfect the breathing tube and breathing mask every day. Ozone is one of the safest, effective and fast cleaning methods at present. Disinfect the ventilator at least once a week. He can use the disinfected equipment. The air is cleaner and more beneficial to the respiratory tract. If bacteria remain in the respiratory equipment, bacteria may invade the respiratory tract.

Routine cleaning and replacement of PAP consumables are also important for maintaining health. You should change the distilled water in the heated humidifier room every day. Don't let this kind of water stand for a long time, because bacteria like to grow in warm and humid places. Make sure to clean the entire mask, headband and catheter every week to remove dust and bacteria. If you are sick, it is a good habit to clean all consumables every day until the symptoms disappear.

When you are unable to maintain a good seal despite regular cleaning and proper installation and placement of the mask, you should replace the mask, cushion, headgear and other supplies. Regular replacement of all disposable consumables is an important part of maintaining health and working properly.

You have made valuable investments for current and future health. Try to get the most benefit from your investment.


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    Thanks! I wasn’t quite sure about just how often I needed to clean my mask. Will definitely be doing this daily from now on

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    Good write!

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