30 day Money Back Guarantee & 2 years warranty
30 day Money Back Guarantee & 2 years warranty
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About Us

Cleaner air. Cleaner breathing. CLEANUNION.

Our Story

CLEANUNION, a professional product of medical cleaning equipment, was created with one desire: to bring more fresh air to the world. With our CLEANUNION CPAP ozone cleaner, you’ll be breathing easy with our innovative and convenient CPAP cleaning technology.


Our Product

The ISO90001-certified design is lightweight, clean and efficient. At the click of a button, 30 minutes of ozone sanitizing and fan 5 minutes of fan work quickly help reduces any ozone smell on the hoses and masks leaving a clean and pleasant smell. We we recommend you put the all accessories out of the sanitizing bag after cleaning, leave them on the opened sanitizing bag at least an hour before using.
We’re passionate about our products! If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us : support@mycleanunion.com.
We’re always happy to help!