About Us

         Welcome to CLEANUNION,We are a company which passed ISO90001 quality management system certification. We are a professional producer of medical stuffs. The cleanunion CPAP ozone cleaner is one of the proudest item that we have made,The desige is so clean and shape,The color match is perfect.It has also very concise operation and very effcient work,Only one button click,You can have 30mins ozone sanitizing work and 5 mins fan work,whcih for reduce the ozone smell on the hoses and masks.(but still we recomend you put the all Accessories out of the sanitizing bag after clean,leave it on the opened sanitizing bag at least an hour before using).

If you want to know more details about us,you can email us : support@mycleanunion.com.

That will be such a honor to be help!